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I now have an account on the livestreaming website TwitchTV. I will occasionally be broadcasting streams of me either composing music, or playing Doom. Fun times. 😀

Go to my TwitchTV channel and bookmark it in case you’d like to be part of the stream as it’s happening.

Below you can view something I livestreamed earlier today. It’s a 40-minute stream of me completing a request – someone asked for a MIDI sequence of Frank Klepacki’s “Radio“, a track from the game Command and Conquer: Red Alert. For my first ever livestream, it actually went really well. I’ll see if I can make this a regular feature.

Watch live video from jimmybtsx on TwitchTV

If you subscribe to me on TwitchTV, I believe you’ll get e-mail notifications whenever I start broadcasting, which will probably be around 12pm in my timezone (GMT+8). That unfortunately means about 4am for anyone in the UK/Europe, and 12am for anyone in the US. I’m afraid my current longitude and latitude coordinates on this planet are probably not ideal in terms of potential viewer count. 😡

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