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Here is where you’ll find my various online connections and aliases.

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I check my e-mails every day, more than once, so your best bet to reach me formally is to send me one. An e-mail form is below for ease of use!

Discord me! User tag: Jimmy#4100
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Add me to your Contacts! Also please write in the invite who you are – I won’t immediately add just anyone.


Link to #DoomMusicians
Link to OFTC webchat

IRC is my preferred means of live communication. I usually cannot connect if I am on my university campus, but aside from those times, I am basically always online. If you want to talk to me directly, type /dialog Jimmy_ to open a chat window with me. I have a channel where my Doom-playing/modding friends hang and talk about music, called #DoomMusicians.


YouTube Channel

Sometimes it takes me a while to get videos together, but this is where a lot of my music is. If you want to send me a personal message, I would prefer if you used the comment section on one of my videos, since I don’t regularly check the messages received on my channel itself.


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I occasionally use Twitter to keep my followers (of which I have an unexpectedly high number) up to speed with what I do mainly in the world of Doom modding. I check this daily so if you send me a message, chances are I’ll see it.


Facebook Page
Facebook Profile

I use Facebook pretty frequently. You might see me posting quite angrily on it every now and then.  I check this daily so if you send me a message, chances are I’ll see it. Add me as a friend! Also please write in the request who you are – I won’t immediately add just anyone.

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Alternately, we can start up a conversation through either of these two online forums I frequent.

PM me via Doomworld  – requires Doomworld forums account.

PM me via  – requires ZDoom forums account.