Merry Christmas, all a’ y’all!

This Christmas has been a strange one for me, mainly because it feels like we’vee not actually been celebrating it at the right time this year. For example, everyone knows how much the traditionals Christmas hymns and carols refer to the dark nights and snowy winter weather.

Over here, it’s been about 35ÂșC.

Yet this fazes the Aussies not. They still have giant snow globes in the middle of their supermarkets and play the wintery carols over their PA systems. They still dress up in red and white wintery gear, and decorate their lawns with sugarcanes. And Santa is still in a huge red suit that I’m sure would suffocate an actual human being in this heat – although I suppose the alternative to that is putting a fat, old, bespectacled man in swimgear, and that’s not something I want to even think about. I just hope the supermarket Santas get good air-conditioning in their “grottos”.

I’m sure I’ll get used to the weather being six months out of sync at some point – maybe next year.

Had a grand old time at Scarborough Beach (the place where our Australian escapades all began) and then a hearty Christmas dinner, which consisted of possibly the most succulent turkey joint I’ve ever had.

Hope you’ve all had a good one, even if it’s been snowy and chilly for you.


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