Harmony MIDI Pack now on /idgames

The Harmony MIDI Pack which I updated a while ago has now been approved on the /idgames archive, meaning that its release has basically been finalized.

It took about three days after uploading for it to be approved, and to be honest I was wondering if it would be, since I went against a couple of the upload rules – e.g. the file names of the MIDIs aren’t restricted to eight characters (a DOS-era convention which /idgames still adheres to).

For those unaware, /idgames is a database of files and add-ons for all things Doom. The game Harmony is based off of Doom, and it’s a damn fine creation¬†–¬†make sure you give it a whirl. Run my MIDI pack by dragging the .wad file onto the exe.

Get the MIDI Pack via /idgames here.

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