13 “Harmony” MP3s uploaded to YouTube – 100 video milestone reached!

Early this year I made it a personal mission of mine to write unique MIDI tracks for all 11 levels of Thomas van der Velden‘s fantastic solo shooter project “Harmony”, which he released in 2009. It proved difficult but fun, and took me about four months of on-and-off commitment to finally finish it.

The game itself is a brilliant creation, featuring a huge pool of brand new monsters, weapons and textures – all made in the confines of the original Doom engine. However it was lacking in something which I thought crucial – a soundtrack. The existing tracks were good but there were only three in the entire game, so listening to the same song across 11 different levels got repetitive, and in my view kinda ruined the immersion factor. I’ve got no beef with the original artist (KyÅ«), but for me, music is really important to the experience of any game, particularly something as involving as a first-person shooter.

Anyway, the thirteen tracks I ended up writing for the project are now available to stream on my YouTube channel. Go check ’em out and comment! 😀

But most importantly, you need to get your hands on a copy of the game. It’s absolutely free to download and there’s no installation required. Go and grab it here – you owe it to yourself. 😀

To run my tracks with the game, get the Harmony MIDI Pack.

This has brought along with it a particularly significant milestone in my YouTubing “career” – I’ve reached 100 videos on YouTube! Sadly the upload of all thirteen tracks did not yield 100 videos exactly – but my 102nd video is basically an update video celebrating this milestone and announcing this very blog to all my subscribers. Hello if you’re one of those. 🙂