Revolution! MIDI Pack


Note: These screenshots are from the Doom level set “Revolution!”. This MIDI Pack modification adds community-made music to those levels.


Source Port: Any (ZDoom recommended)
Gameplay: None (it’s a music pack!)
Status: Complete
Download: Final Release / /idgames Mirror / Download “Revolution!” (required/recommended)

Important: This requires “Revolution!” to be loaded. In your Doom port of choice, run the WAD file for Revolution (tvr!.wad) along with the WAD file for this MIDI Pack (tvr!midi.wad). The music will play in-game. You may also run tvr!midi-np.wad with it, which displays a “Now Playing” message at the beginning of each map to denote the music track’s name and author.



Here’s another musical project! Because the Doom community hasn’t seen one in ages.

If you are not familiar with this mapset, I highly recommend it. It features heavily creative level design from the brilliant Thomas van der Velden, whom you might be familiar with if you enjoyed Harmony (and you might be aware that I later composed an entirely new soundtrack for it).

Revolution! (also known as TVR!), a full mapset released in 2001, features a unique storyline told after the events of the original Doom and Doom 2, in which Hell was destroyed and its ruler was overthrown, and the surviving humans enslave the estranged demons of Hell to rebuild their cities and work in their mines. All is right until the demons one day suddenly regain their vigor, an untold chaotic force teaching them to revolt against their human masters. Our lone marine hero must venture into the Chaos dimension and destroy the Forgotten God, who now commands the uprising legions of hellspawn.

It was released to critical acclaim and given one of the accolades for Top 100 WADs of All Time. No mean feat considering all the level design and custom artwork was courtesy of one man. The only thing it was missing? Music.

Having taken it upon myself to spearhead the Plutonia MIDI Pack project, which sought to write new music specifically for the addon Final Doom: The Plutonia Experiment, and was a great deal of fun, I decided that TVR!, already a popular set of levels, thoroughly deserved a custom soundtrack to embellish the experience. This project proved to be equally fun and interesting to work on, with Thomas’s carefully-constructed designs and layouts inspiring a great deal. I’m extremely pleased with the final set of tracks, they are all clearly written with care and attention to fit their respective level slots, as well as being seriously great compositions in their own right.

This project is also blessed with the Thomas van der Velden seal of approval. He even designed custom artwork for it and created an entirely new bonus level which comes with the download of this pack! Whoa!


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