Plutonia MIDI Pack


Note: These screenshots are from the commercial Doom levelset “The Plutonia Experiment”. This MIDI Pack modification adds community-made music to those levels.


Source Port: Any
Gameplay: None (it’s a music pack!)
Status: Complete
Download: Final Release / /idgames Mirror

Important: You can run this with any Doom level set, but The Plutonia Experiment is obviously recommended. In your Doom port of choice, run the IWAD file for The Plutonia Experiment (plutonia.wad) along with the WAD file for this MIDI Pack (plutmidi.wad). The music will play in-game. You may also run plutmidi-np.wad with it, which displays a “Now Playing” message at the beginning of each map to denote the music track’s name and author.



One thing that separates the two halves of Final Doom is that TeamTNT composed many original tracks for Evilution, and I think that this added greatly to its originality and charm, even if some of the MIDIs were really short and/or just not that great. So, what if Dario and Milo Casali were musicians themselves, or what if they had other musicians – perhaps even TNT’s music team, or even Bobby Prince himself – on board with the project to provide an original soundtrack to the maps of the Plutonia Experiment?

This project is the community’s answer to that.

But hold up, Jimmy! Doesn’t Plutonia’s lack of original music contribute to its atmosphere, its classic feel, and its charm? Well, yes, of course it does. It’s simply that the completionist in me was really interested to see what sort of music I (and anyone else interested) could create for the express purpose of giving Plutonia an original, good-quality, fitting soundtrack of its own. 🙂 And the Doom community is full of very talented musicians, so it would also mean 32+ new, good-quality tracks for the mapping community to use elsewhere.

The idea for this project was that anyone musically-inclined and at all interested would claim however many maps they’d like to compose a track for (out of the 32 the levelset contained).

The final product is a sort of “MIDI album” – a zipped archive of MIDIs, named and credited to their respective creators, complete with a TXT file and, most importantly, a WAD file that can be loaded to replace the old music of the Plutonia Experiment’s maps.

I have to extend my thanks to everyone on Doomworld who helped make this WAD possible. You guys rock. 😀 My first released community project, too! Wahey!


This particular project has seen a number of interpretations using various soundfonts, that are viewable on YouTube below!


Chris Retro