Yes, that Doom.

Isn’t it just the greatest game ever? Here’s how I’ve bastardized it with my own twisted creativity.


Projects featuring my music

Go to my MIDIs page for a full rundown of the tracks featured within these projects.


Personal Projects

The following are projects I have contributed to in some form or another that have been released.


A 32-level single-player mapset for classic Doom. My magnum opus.

Current Version: 1.0 (1.1 upcoming)

Jenocide DM

A set of 21 multiplayer maps for Skulltag.

Current Version: 2

Jimmy’s Jukebox

A mod that randomizes the music that plays through a game of Doom.

Current Version: 9

Harmony MIDI Pack

A music pack for Thomas van der Velden’s brilliant game “Harmony”.

Current Version: Final

The Adventures of Square

A total conversation set in an insane world of cartoony shapes.

Current Version: Demo of three levels + training course


A weapon mod that modernizes the original Doom’s arsenal and bestiary.

Current Version: Beta 1 (Beta 2 upcoming)

“Turbo-Charged ARCADE!” 2

A zany single-player mod for ZDoom that has you scaling massive mountains, breaking into a museum, gatecrashing a Satanic wedding, and chasing after Santa Claus (though not necessarily in that order).

Current Version: Final

Blocks of Doom II

A single-player mod that imitates the block-based puzzle-style gameplay of Chip’s Challenge.

Current Version: 0.2a

Omega Mutator

A crazy gameplay mod in which you take the role of a God.

Current Version: 1.2

Plutonia MIDI Pack

A music pack for the “Plutonia Experiment” levelset.

Current Version: Final


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