Month: February 2016

Well this is different.

What the – wasn’t this all dark and stripey before?

Yep, I’ve given the site a bit of a makeover. The most significant change is that I’ve almost completely redone the MIDIs page so everything there is a bit better organised now – more at-a-glance.

This comes with the bonus of 39 new tracks there were previously unlisted on the MIDIs page! Oh me oh my. 😮 Check ’em out if you like! Additionally the music there is now all hosted on Dropbox. Still need to be absolutely sure there are no dead links, of course.

The site is marginally easier to browse on mobile now, so that’s kinda cool too.

Hope you enjoy the new look! I do reckon everything is just a bit slicker now. Let me know if something’s not working right with a comment.

Sleep is for the weak

Sorry for the memes.
Sorry for the memes.

Apparently my Scumbag Brain is ensuring I get the least amount of sleep possible. Probably because it’s aware that I have shit to be doing and after 30in30-4 happened, I’ve been at a dramatic creative low, meaning that throughout the recent days, I’ve done very little stuff of any real meaning.

Last night was an ordeal, let’s put it that way. Not just thanks to the shenanigans of my brain, but extrinsic factors were also being a bag of dicks. Today was 42ºC during the afternoon, and by night it was still at 26ºC. Now, that sort of heat is uncomfortable for most Australians I reckon, but also bear in mind that I’m originally British. The melting point of your average Briton is 30ºC.

I was relatively lucky throughout the day in that I didn’t need to leave the house, and was able to stay inside with the air-conditioning going full pelt – but that still did not really help me sleep.

Boy oh boy that was a saga in itself.

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Announcing: MIDI Commissions!

Still making these in 2016, apparently, heh.

Hey, folks!

In keeping with my general “getting serious” attitude as of this year in which I’m taking as many steps in the professional direction as possible, I’d like to announce that I’ve opened up commissions for MIDI files. For a certain sum of money you can get me to compose music for you or your project. I presently offer a number of deals which I hope you’ll enjoy.

Get all the details here on the new Commissions page!