Epic Song of the Week #12!

Yay, on schedule again. Let’s make a habit out of this, James. This week’s Epic Song is “San Narciso” by Faded Paper Figures. Thanks to Fuzzball for the recommendation! Check it out on the ESotW page.

MIDI mania continues!

My quest to see a short-term, self-imposed project through to its finish is so far proving fruitful and worthwhile. I’m happy to report that two weeks into 30in30-4, my challenge to create one new midi song a day all throughout the month of January, I’m on schedule. Ergo, there are now 14 tracks available as part of 30in30-4. …

Epic Song of the Week #11!

I’m doing this again! Yay! 😀 This week’s Epic Song is “Victim of the Modern Age” by Star One. Check it out on the ESotW page.

I am the music maker

I’ve alluded to having made a crapton of music over the past year and that’s certainly true. If I were to have posted a new video to my YouTube channel for every new piece of music I’d written over 2015, I would’ve inundated it with probably 100+ tracks. I’ve recently taken up a new discipline whereby I …

Twenty Sixteen

Hello all, I figured it’d be time to give you a bit of an update post, since I promised one roughly a year ago. 🙁 I do apologise for not actually uploading anything to YouTube like I said I would. I don’t know where this year went, honestly. Certainly it was a long, long ride, but at the same …

Year 2 Semester 2 Portfolio

Another semester done. This one has definitely been the most trying one so far. Nonetheless I feel accomplished having done the work that I could. Here’s downloads to everything I’ve done over this last semester: [Google Drive folder] Hit the button below for the full folio.

Album review: Marconi Union’s “Weightless (Ambient Transmissions Vol. 2)”

I admit that I’m not as into electronic music as I let on, but occasionally something comes along that I just have to investigate. The main track on this record achieved mainstream headlines last year praising its incomparable tranquility. This whole album is, to me, not just listening to high-quality, meticulously-crafted music – it’s a mood and mind …

Year 2 Semester 1 Portfolio!

This has been a hectic, often stressful, but nonetheless rewarding and exceptionally productive year for me so far. I’m continuously taking my music and other creations to new levels – elsewhere in the world, even – and have been putting my name and brand out as much as possible – certainly the Personal Management Skills lectures …

Makin’ MIDIs!

I should probably be getting on with work that I am actually supposed to be doing, but in this “interim” of procrastination (we’ll call it that, rather than “my everyday lifestyle”), I have recently put out not one but two albums of 30 songs – all composed within a very stringent time limit. Either way, …


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