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Credit to Fuzzball for this :3 Here’s my MIDI page. Everything I’ve composed in MIDI goes here. There’s a lot of it, so if I’ve missed something, drop me a comment below, and let me know. Before you do that, more is included on the Albums page of this blog, and my BandCamp artist page.

The music I write is almost invariably under General MIDI format. It’s a challengingly limited but quickfire medium of composition that enables me to create my music without really worrying about the gritty, fine details of what it sounds like. The highly-trained ear can relax when dealing with 128 basic instruments and a few very slightly different percussion kits. I have written just around 500 complete MIDIs (totalling over 24 hours of music) of varying lengths, styles and compositional approaches in my 10 or so years of musical experience. I’ll do my best to list them all here. And I do hope you enjoy! 😀

NOTE: If the tracks end abruptly or seem like they’re somewhat “incomplete”, this is due to the fact that they are intended to be played on loop, going back to their beginnings seamlessly. Many of these were written for in-game soundtracks, for which seamless looping is typically crucial. The “↻” symbol denotes a track which loops seamlessly.


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All the tracks here were written with a typical intro-verse-chorus-verse-etc. song structure and with vocals in mind. (The rest of my tracks on this page are entirely instrumental and written with no solid structure in mind.) (For all of the lyrics I’ve written, go here.)


This list contains everything I’ve done that isn’t for any specific project.


The craziest thing I’ve ever done. Imagine Dream Theater, Symphony X and Opeth all gathered in a basement, got really drunk, and jammed for three-quarters of an hour while simultaneously lashing their heads against the nearest wall.


MIDIs marked with an asterisk (*) are ones I’ve named myself, either in the absence/lack of discovery of a real name, or as a means of differentiation from the original track.



Death Rally

A great racing game from the 90s featuring some awesome module music, by Purple Motion of the Future Crew. This kind of music is notoriously challenging to transcribe.


Here are the many, many tracks I’ve done over the years for various Doom-related game projects.


Claustrophobia 1024

Community Chest 4

Doom 2: Unleashed

Flashback to Hell



Plutonia MIDI Pack

Revolution! MIDI Pack

Speed of Doom


Dawn of Chaos

Koliko’s Adventure

The Empty Museum


IMPORTANT: Please refrain from using MIDIs filed under In-Progress, unless you have permission to do so, and/or the project they were written for has since been completed and released (or has been announced as dead/abandoned) and this section does not reflect that development. I try to keep it up-to-date, though. To obtain permission to use In-Progress MIDIs, please consult the leader of the project, not me. You may do so by finding them on the Doomworld forums or the ZDoom.org forums. If in doubt, send me an email, or a private message through either of these boards (I’m “Jimmy” on both of them), and I’ll point you in the right direction.

Compound Fracture

Fusion Mapping Project

HacX 2.0


Rebirth MIDI Pack

Scattered Evil


The Lunar Republic



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  1. MarkAnthony89

    I LOVE your music, never knew you are the author of most Plutonia 2, Reverie, Harmony, back to saturn and even speed of doom soundtracks! If I ever wanted to created a map-set I would ask you to make the soundtrack for my project! 😀

    So many original and professional melodies and music, it’s some times hard to believe it was ALL one-man made (if U know what I mean), I just fall in love with some of them!!! 😀

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