Omega Mutator



Source Port: ZDoom
Gameplay: Weapon modification
Status: On Hiatus
Download: Version 1.2



This mod was an entry to the second Doom Mutator Contest hosted on the ZDoom forums, a contest to determine the best mod that could be coded without any extra resources – new graphics, sounds and music were not permitted, just code to change the game. The contest never ended, though – Cutmanmike, the organiser, seemed to disappear from the forums before judgement could be called on all the entries. The contest saw some amazing mods, though – Xaser’s “Parkour”, wildweasel’s “StyleMod” and many others that turned out a ton of fun.

“Omega” was mainly designed to exercise my modding muscles, and to hone my ability to balance a weapon mod – and getting the gameplay to a reasonably playable standard is something I still struggle with. The mod was also made as a kind of coping mechanism, to stop me from going insane during the last few weeks of my Applied IT course, wherein I had to catch up with an ungodly amount of written work. Working on this project, and rewatching episodes of Thunderbirds on DVD, were my only respite during this period.

I can say I had fun working on the mod. I still find it pretty fun to play. In it, you take the role of a god given mortal flesh, who only has limited access to his abilities. The player uses attacks with a set timelimit, during which as much damage must be done to the enemy as possible, as opposed to having a finite supply of ammo that can be used whenever (although you still need a certain amount of “Omega energy” to activate those attacks). On top of your time-based attacks, you have a “Zeal” meter, which depletes the more energy you use at once, and hurts you when it gets too low. Conserve your energy to conserve your zeal, and you will survive.

You’re equipped with four types of Omega energy – yellow, green, red and blue, all of which allow you to perform three separate attacks at a time (one weak, one medium and one strong for each colour type), so the player can learn up to 12 skills in total. There are also two separate player classes – Order and Chaos – which have two separate skillsets, bringing the total number of new weapons this mod introduces up to 24. You’ll find top-ups for your different-coloured energy bars, as well as the powerups that grant you new skills, dotted across the maps (instead of traditional ammo). Monsters now sometimes drop energy as well.

The mod was well-received by the community, and was reported to have immense replay value. A lot of work was put into it, and it provided a very unique spin on the regular run-and-gun Doom gameplay, adding strategy, gradual “levelling up” of the player as he acquires more skills, and the idea of conserving five different types of ammo/energy/whatever you want to call it.

A full TC is planned. Might not be finished for some time, though, I can say that much. 😛