Jiffy Bag



Name: Jiffy Bag
Map Format: Boom
Ports Tested: PrBoom+, GLBoom+, GZDoom
IWAD: doom2.wad
Map(s): MAP01-32
Gameplay: Single play and co-operative
Difficulty Settings: No
Multiplayer Placement: No
Requirements: Jumping, crouching and freelook all disabled
Status: Complete – needs rigorous testing and rebalancing
Download: Release Candidate 2



Jiffy Bag is a collection of 32 random maps made by me over the last 3 years or so*. The maps all vary quite dramatically in theme, and are similar only in terms of size and design – given the short time I had to make these in, my general approach to mapping under such conditions is pretty blatantly visible, but this should hopefully contribute to a well-rounded, largely consistent end product.

*excluding one which dates back to more than a decade ago – it should make itself obvious once you reach it

Included are:

  • Maps for TTV!Zone Season 1, a short speedmapping series held by friends
  • Maps for the Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions 2 through to 29
  • Maps for made for mapping contests hosted by battleofthebits.org
  • A map for 32in24
  • A map for DUMP
  • Birthday maps
  • Random maps done outside of specific sessions

All the maps have been tuned up or otherwise altered from their original incarnations in the sets they were made for.

All the music featured in maps 1-31 is by me, all of which you can grab on my Bandcamp under the four 30in30 albums.