Jenocide DM



Source Port: Skulltag
Gameplay: Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Invasion
Status: Complete
Download: Release Candidate 2


Announcement thread on Doomworld
Announcement thread on Zandronum


These were probably my first real attempts at mapping for an audience. Back in 2009 (I think), Skulltag’s forum administrators began organizing weekly speedmapping contests. This intrigued me, so I signed up. It was the first time I’d really been involved in such an event, having to use the skills I’d acquired over the years within a very stringent time period, to make something out of nothing and stretch my creativity under pressure.

I think I ended up winning like three of those speedmapping contests in a row, so yeah, that sort of motivated me to keep going. 😛

Over the years I contributed to a few more speedmapping sessions when they cropped up, and I also began to make new maps out of boredom. I think this is the time in my life – late 2008, early 2009, maybe – when I really started to find the joy in making multiplayer maps for Doom. It was easy (most of the time), and a great way to hone my skills. I started mapping for Capture the Flag and found it incredibly enjoyable – I started off a CTF project of my own and made a few maps for that. Layouts would spring to mind as I’d fall asleep. Sometimes I’d even dream about new multiplayer Doom maps I hadn’t made yet, and I’d rush to the computer the following morning to try and realise them.

I ended up making quite a few maps, through speedmapping or otherwise, for Skulltag, although only a percentage of them were really releasable. However, as I gathered them all into one bundle in an attempt to ease my workload, I soon discovered I had just over half a megawad’s worth of content, most of which was entirely original and hadn’t been seen before by the community. I made a few finishing touches and decided to release it as one mapset – Jenocide DM.

This is a Doom multiplayer mapset which is FOUR YEARS in the making. Has it been well-received? I think so. I’m not really sure, to be honest – I released it before Jenesis out of nowhere, so it certainly didn’t get the hype that Jenesis did as I repeatedly reported on my progress with that project. I’m not even sure if it’s been played on the Skulltag servers at all since its release (and recent re-posting on the Zandronum forums). I’m not really bothered. At least I’ve bloody released it. 😛

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