Blocks of Doom II



Source Port: ZDoom
Gameplay: Single-play only
Status: Incomplete
Download: Version 0.2a (patched)



Back in April 2008 I had some time off school. So I made this.

Okay, not necessarily “this”, but a very early beta of this, at least. “Blocks of Doom II” is my attempt to bring the tile-based puzzler “Chip’s Challenge” to the Doom engine. Chip’s Challenge was a game developed by Chuck Sommerville for the Atari Lynx in 1989, and ported to the PC in 1992, and was a hit with nerds the world over.

Blocks of Doom II features all the crazy puzzle-based antics of Chip’s Challenge in the hellish, apocalyptic Doom universe. Except to meet some familiar unfriendly faces, as well as some newcomers and some pretty crazy boss monsters along the way.

The prequel to this project, “Blocks of Doooom!”, featured in TurboCharged ARCADE 2: The Sequel Episode, which had eight separate stages for the player to overcome. Blocks of Doom II will have upwards of eighty levels of crazy isometric puzzling action, in four different worlds, with progressively meaner and more varied challenges, all of which will test your timing, dexterity, and your intuition.

Sadly, the project is currently suspended in development Hell. I need to get off my arse and actually finish it one day – and I definitely will – hopefully in the very near future. A large proportion of the project’s puzzles are done, but I need to summon the motivation and inspiration to finish the remaining ones. Blocks of Doom II been helped along the way by the brilliant Carlcyber, a positive ACS guru whose patience with the project has been unparalleled, and I am unendingly grateful for the work he’s put in. This project shall not go to waste, and shall definitely see a release in 2013! 😀