Source Port: GZDoom
Gameplay: Weapons mod
Status: Complete (in beta)
Download: Beta 1



This is another mod which has spent a ridiculous amount of time in utero – three years. I thought I’d modernize the arsenal of Doom and make a few other tweaks to it, to make it more immersive, more frightening, and above all, more of a challenge. Most of the new weapons have reloading and alternative firing modes, there is a slew of new items and powerups to replace the originals, and the game itself is given an overall much more sinister and creepier aesthetic.

The unfortunate resemblence to wildweasel’s Doom Illustrated mod is entirely coincidence. I respect the guy too much to rip his work directly, and it was only through examining his vast portfolio of work that I realised I had used quite a few weapon sprites that were present in his mod.

I’ve become a bit jaded with this mod purely because I’ve been working on it for so long. As such, there are probably a few quirks and bugs still in it in places, and overall I get the feeling that I could do it a lot better if I tried again, but I couldn’t possibly ever be arsed to do so. Just enjoy the mod in its current form… if you can. 😛