Curriculum Vitae

James Edward Paddock

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  • 12+ years experience of musical composition and freelance writing.
  • 8+ years experience of working with digital audio.
  • 6+ years experience in singing. Tenor range.
  • 5+ years experience in game development, creating music, art assets, and code.
  • Have composed more than 500 original tracks for various video game and mod projects.
  • Have led and been a part of several online community projects, mostly gaming- and music-based.
  • Desire perfection in my output, possessing a keen eye for quality and a passion for quality assurance.

Entire musical portfolio available here:


  • Proficient with computer software, specifically Windows OSes, digital audio workstations, communications programs, graphic editing, project management utilities/websites.
  • Presently studying at university concepts such as advanced compositional techniques, and digital audio mixing, mastering and production.
  • Possess a firm grasp of musical theory and have close to perfect pitch.
  • Developing sheet music orchestration and sight-reading skills.
  • Have performed my own music publicly at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, specialising in piano/keyboard and vocal performance. Organised rehearsals with small ensembles that provided instrumental backing.
  • Have composed, recorded and sung on an electronic EP entitled “Rainbow Season EP”, which is presently on iTunes and CDBaby, and have produced and mastered a second EP entitled “Realisations EP”, released for free on SoundCloud.
  • Have great deal of experience in group work, particularly leading a team through to a project’s completion.
  • Specialise in online community projects, for which I frequently am chief composer or project compiler.
  • Some rudimentary experience with C++.

Online work: (2005-ongoing)

  • Have written close to 500 original songs in General MIDI format for public use.
  • Recently have opened up commissions, whereby customers pick from a variety of different types of composition, and specify their exact requirements to me via e-mail correspondence. I revise the work after receiving their feedback.
  • Active member of several online communities, composing per users’ requests.
  • Have collaborated with many fellow General MIDI musicians through online means in order to write specific tracks.
  • Have written multiple transcriptions of existing songs.

A-Levels: (2010-2011)

  • Taking Music Technology for A-level, I submitted three tracks for my practical exam, utilising the programs Propellerhead Reason and Cubase.
  • Gained experience recording vocals, guitar, bass guitar, drumkit, cello, recruiting fellow musicians to assist me in recording covers of existing songs.
  • Co-headed a group project for my Applied ICT A-level, for which an album of my material was produced and sold. Assisted with promotion and marketing, artwork and printing, and CD burning.


nu//void (2018)

  • Created independent game project using advanced source port of the original Doom engine.
  • Done as part of the 2018 “Global Game Jam” at the SAE Institute jam site in Perth, Western Australia.
  • Entire game was created in less than 36 hours, using art assets and concepts provided by my brother.
  • Roles in this project included music composition, level design, texture design, programming, and playtesting.
  • Game released to independent game website the following day.

Realisations EP (2016)

  • A self-composed and self-produced EP done as part of a Sound Production unit at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Edith Cowan University.
  • Composition involved combination of MIDI programming and live-recorded keyboard parts.
  • Efforts to collaborate were made for guitar and vocal parts, involving my father and a friend of his on these instruments.

The Adventures of Square (2013-ongoing)

  • Created independent game project using advanced source port of the original Doom engine, publicly releasing an early three-level demo in 2013.
  • Created all the original art assets, wrote all weapon/enemy programming, and designed all three levels plus a scripted tutorial stage for demo.
  • Amassed and am currently co-managing and creatively directing an international team of currently 7 like-minded game and mod developers, organising and scheduling progress meetings.
  • Assisted in level design, communicating and interacting with all other mapping team members on their queries regarding my requirements for the levels’ aesthetics and mechanics.
  • Outlined plot and in-universe details in large design document for the team members.
  • Specified differing game mechanics for three separate episodes of the game.
  • Assisted in the creation of a Trello board through which all development on the project is documented.
  • Currently composing part of the original soundtrack. Collaborated with other musicians on the team to help create it. Ensured soundtrack has multiple recurring motifs interpreted differently by all the musicians.
  • End goal for the project is a full game with 3 episodes of wildly varying content, totalling ~34 standard levels, and a secret episode amounting to 8 separate bonus stages, plus a presently unknown number of multiplayer levels.

Revel-8 Film Festival (2014-16)

  • Composed entirely original soundtracks for short silent films screened at Revel-8 Film Festival at the Luna Theatre: “Bert and the Bearded Dragon” (2014), “Crush on a Girl” (2015), “Letter Opener” (2016) and “Deep End” (2016).
  • These films were shot using Super-8 cameras, and not seen by the filmmakers until the screening, where the films and music were both debuted. No collaboration or communication between the filmmakers and composers was permitted.
  • “Bert and the Bearded Dragon” won the Audience’s Choice award at the 2014 screening.
  • For all soundtracks, I was challenged to get my digitally-composed music sounding live/acoustic.

Rainbow Season EP (2012-14)

  • Electronic rock project, for which I self-composed and self-produced a 4-track EP.
  • Vocals recorded at Bergerk Studios in Perth.
  • Performed backing vocals.
  • Performed keyboard parts during live performances.
  • Album released to iTunes and CDBaby.

30in30, Volumes 1-3 (2013-15)

  • Starting in 2013, began to write music in a quicker, more streamlined fashion, deciding on 30 minutes to be the timeframe I should work within as much as possible.
  • Wrote 3 entire albums using this method, of 30 tracks each, every track “speedwritten” at least in part, within 30 minutes.
  • Worked with fellow musicians over Skype/Mumble in order to challenge one another to write a number of tracks in quick succession, spending 30 minutes on each.
  • Albums are available for streaming/paid download on BandCamp.

30in30-4 (2016)

  • Spent all of January 2016 on writing the fourth “30in30” installment, instead spending 30 days of the month writing one track.
  • Album is available for streaming/paid download on BandCamp.

Plutonia MIDI Pack (2014) and Revolution! MIDI Pack (2016)

  • Founded and organised these collaborative projects for online community musicians to contribute their original compositions in order to create a new original soundtrack for the “Final Doom: The Plutonia Experiment” (1996) add-on for Doom II (1994), and for the levelset “Revolution!” (2000).
  • Compiled a list of the existing levels, allocating slots to the musicians requesting a place in the project. Also gave brief overviews of each level’s general aesthetic to serve as creative prompts for the musicians.
  • Reviewed each submitted track, offering extensive feedback and critique, and where needed, collaborating with other musicians on their tracks to bring them to standard.
  • Compiled the submissions and released the compilation over the /idgames database, in a compact format that could be loaded with the game to replace the soundtrack in-game.

StickKnights (2013-14)

  • Composed entirely original soundtracks for this series of short animated films by my brother Ben Paddock.
  • Communicated with Ben to get specific times for key events in the films in order to sync the music as accurately as possible to them.
  • Soundtrack makes frequent use of a leitmotif of my creation, developing this idea in numerous ways.

The Godhood Suite (2012)

  • Imposed as a challenge to myself: this is a 44-minute piece of music in ten movements, in the style of progressive metal bands.
  • Pushed my boundaries for musical complexity to their limits.
  • As a result of spending time on this project, I now write much more complex and in-depth music.

Harmony MIDI Pack (2011)

  • Composed entirely original soundtrack comprising 14 individual and unique tracks for the 2009 game “Harmony” by Thomas van der Velden.
  • Created a track for each level of the game and for the title screen, level complete screen, and final cutscene.
  • Paid particular attention to the feel and size of each level in order to compose a fitting soundtrack for each.
  • Released over the /idgames database, in a compact format that could be loaded with the game to replace the soundtrack in-game.


Bachelor of Music Degree – Major in Composition and Music Technology – At WA Academy of Performing Arts, Edith Cowan University.
Undertook 44 units throughout course: Results were 15 High Distinctions (HD), 16 Distinctions (D), 8 Credits (CR), 5 Passes (P/C).
Graduated in February 2018.

A-Levels – 2 B’s, 1 C (2011) Music Technology (B), English Language & Literature (B), Drama & Theatre Studies (C).

GCSEs – 3 A’s, 2 B’s, 2 C’s, 1 Merit (2008) English (A), English Literature (C), Mathematics (A), Science (B), Drama (C), Music (B), Art & Design: Fine Art (A) OCR Level 2 National First Certificate in ICT (2 Distinction, 2 Merits and 2 Passes – Merit overall, worth 3 GCSEs)

  • Design & Produce Multimedia Products (Distinction)
  • Desktop Publishing (Merit)
  • Creating Sound Using ICT (Pass)
  • ICT Skills in Business (Distinction)
  • Creating Animation for the WWW Using ICT (Merit)
  • Creating Video (Pass)

All above taken at Springwood High School in Gaywood, Norfolk, 2005-2011. I achieved 10 GCSEs and 5 A-Levels.

I was awarded membership of the Young Gifted and Talented (formerly National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth) association in January 2006, for having a MidYIS (Middle Years Information System) score within the top 5% in the UK.

I was awarded the English Prize for Year 11 GCSE English in 2008, and was awarded the Special Prize for Endeavour in 2011, donated by the Springwood PTFA.