Duke It Out In D.C. MIDI Pack RELEASED!

If you’ve recently been hankering for some new Jimmidis (and I admit my output has withered down to a trickle lately), then no worries, I gotcha covered. Waaaay back in 2013, Robin “NightFright” Reisinger contacted me about writing stuff for the Duke Nukem 3D addon “Duke It Out In D.C.“, which I was happy to do. …

YouTube dun goofed again

Oh God I can’t believe I’m making another one of these posts. Once again, #firstworldproblems warning.


The Videos page just got a pretty little makeover. It’s now a handy-dandy little thumbnail gallery, with each video having its own unique page on this blog, plus description and comment section. Feel free to browse the work I’ve done for various individuals on YouTube – from the comfort of this very website! In case the …

Harmony Slideshow

(Uses “Become the Hunted“)

The Paintings of Rabotik

(Download the MIDI | MP3)

Red Planet

(Download the MIDI | MP3)