YouTube update 28/07/12

Just one track this time. It’s a pretty cool one, though. 😛 “Icicles” Enjoy! 😀

YouTube update 23/07/12

Just two this time round. Hopefully I’ll get some more done and uploaded soon-ish. Anyway, hope you enjoy ’em. 🙂 “Retina” ______________________________________________________________________________ “Forgotten Eden”

MIDIs page back; tons of new MIDI crap now up

Alrighty, the MIDIs page is back up, and everything should be back to normal now. 🙂 I now have a new online MIDI repository which is here: So please change your bookmark URLs (haha, right) from “phenomer” to “the-powerhouse”. I have yet to clean up the links in the previous posts (they still lead …

Important: = Phenomer dot dead

It would seem that, the filespace I used to upload all of my stuff, has gone down permanently – meaning my overbloated file repository, which has, for a number of years, been painstakingly provided and maintained by the brilliant Wartorn, has moved. He did a great job with the move and now all that …

MIDIs page update 05/06/12

A ton of new MIDIs are now available on my MIDI page. Most of them are for the amazing “Back to Saturn X” project which is looking very tasty right now. Encased (4:24) Infrared/Ultraviolet (6:25) Liquid Luck (6:31) Mist at Dawn (6:12) Quicksilver (7:12) Scattered Ashes (6:39) Tartarus Plains (7:42) The Cry (5:04) Blistering Through …

YouTube update 28/04/12

I uploaded three new tracks to my YouTube channel. Even if I say so myself, they’re all pretty killer in their own little ways. Find them below. 😀 “Liquid Luck” ______________________________________________________________________________ “The Cry” ______________________________________________________________________________ “Scattered Ashes”

New sidebar widget: 5 latest tracks

Here’s something my dad (sorta) suggested my blog needed. On the right-hand side of the page, just underneath that awesome picture of my face, you can now listen to my five latest tracks via embedded audio. These are the same higher-quality MP3s that get uploaded to my YouTube channel, so hope you enjoy listening to …

YouTube update 11/04/12

Sorry updates have been so sparse on this blog thingy as of late. I need to find stuff to get angry about and then I can return to spewing my standard vitriolic ramblings. Anyway, two new tracks for you to get stuck into. Both upwards of seven minutes, by the way. I think I’m letting …

YouTube update 26/03/12

It’s been entirely too long. Yesterday, after getting internet back for realsies, I uploaded five new tracks to my YouTube channel. Find them below. 😀 More to come pretty soon, hopefully. “The Raven’s Nest” ______________________________________________________________________________ “Infrared/Ultraviolet” ______________________________________________________________________________ “Twilit Jungle” ______________________________________________________________________________ “Vapors” ______________________________________________________________________________ “Encased”

New welcome image

Yo yo yo, check dis out, biatchezzzz. Ahem. Sincerest apologies. That shan’t happen again. On the right-hand side of the blog over there, is a replacement image for the one I made yonks ago which involved me putting on stupid amounts of clothing, an old fleece, a pair of shades and headphones, and standing up …