Merry Christmas from Rainbow Season!

Season’s greetings to all our friends, family and followers! We (myself and Ben) have a very special announcement. :O We hope you had a splendid Christmas and wish you a great 2014 to follow! Here’s a VERY SPECIAL MESSAGE concerning the EP.

YouTube update 15/04/13

I do apologize for how slow I’ve been in keeping this blog up to date. One of the reasons for my not uploading new tracks to YouTube is Windows 7’s Movie Maker being the most awkward piece of crap in the universe to use. “Yeah, let’s get rid of the timeline, take ALL the drag-and-drop …

MIDIs page update 15/04/13

Twenty-one MIDIs are now newly listed on my MIDI page. These are all fairly new, and actually make a pretty good batch, in my opinion. Hope you enjoy them. šŸ™‚ FaultlineĀ (4:00) HeliotropeĀ (6:07) IntermissionĀ (2:58) Keeper of TerrorsĀ (5:27) KugelblitzĀ (7:04) OligarchyĀ (6:34) Petrichor (Blood of the Stone)Ā (9:21) UntiltedĀ (4:59) YawĀ (4:46) Zero Degrees KelvinĀ (6:02) Nine Feet UnderĀ (3:08) PollutantsĀ (3:50) ReptilianĀ (4:41) Unruly Fortress …

YouTube update 01/01/13 – Happy New Year! :D

Have a cool, brooding, orchestral, nine-minute track for the new year. šŸ™‚ “Petrichor (Blood of the Stone)” Level 2012 survived! Next up: Level 2013. Insert coin to continue.

YouTube update 26/11/12

Three again. Hope you like ’em. šŸ™‚ “Untilted” “Yaw” “Oligarchy”

MIDIs page update 10/11/12

There are fourteen new MIDIs listed on my MIDI page now. Again, not all of them are entirely new (only the first five are) – I just neglected to have them listed on the page before now. šŸ˜› Atmospheric Pressure (4:31) Enigma (6:41) Escape Velocity (3:39) Stormwater (6:45) The Night Guard (5:33) Icicles (4:39) The …

YouTube update 06/11/12

Three fairly epic ones this time round. Hope you enjoy them! šŸ˜€ “Stormwater” “Heliotrope” “The Night Guard”

Doom page FINALLY updated

After over a year, the crappy placeholder Doom page I had with the crappy placeholder tables for all of the crappy placeholder projects I had listed on it, has been updated to reflect my most recent and most relevant releases, plus a few that are still in development and have yet to be unleashed. I’ve …

YouTube update 03/10/12

Six this time! The first two of these were uploaded a few months ago but for some reason I didn’t announce them here. The others are all fairly recent new tracks and were uploaded today. Enjoy! šŸ˜€ “Dead in the Water” “Chrome” “Shells” “Escape Velocity” “Atmospheric Pressure” “Enigma”

Welcome to the new site!

Hello! If you’ve arrived from the old site at, I can assure you you’re now in the right place. This is where my website and blog will now reside. The old one will still be around, but won’t be updated. All the posts on the old are still there but only viewable to me. …