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All the new tracks I’ve most recently released.

January MIDI challenge complete!

Well, that’s it. Finito.

30in30-4 is officially over with – I’m now about to refine the tracks to get them up to speed for the impending BandCamp release – which if all goes to plan, should be within the next few days. Hype! ūüėÄ

The last week and a bit has a been a bit tough on me, since I had to crank out a more than one track per day on a couple of occasions, due to missing out days.¬†However, I went for something very special for the¬†final two days, which is the two-part MIDI “The Ever Shrine” that rounds off the whole pack with a nine-minute opus.

  1. Space Cuisine (2:15)
  2. Gatorade Nightmare (3:25)
  3. CHaRybdIS (2:54)
  4. Minister of the Emu War (2:26)
  5. Freighthoppers (3:04)
  6. What If I Don’t Want To Be A Punching Bag (3:14)
  7. Tungsten (3:52)
  8. The Ever Shrine – Part 1 (1:59)
  9. The Ever Shrine – Part 2 (7:10)

Hope you enjoy the new music! Stay tuned for the BandCamp release.

January MIDI Jam Part 3!

I am continuing to squeeze as much creativity out of myself in the pursuit of having a pack of thirty new tracks by¬†the end of January. The end result will be on my BandCamp page around that date as my fourth 30in30 album, the first three of which you can check out here, as well as here, and then also here. ūüėõ

See the first 14 midis in the previous post here.

Go to the Dropbox folder here!

  1. Infuriation (2:24)
  2. .mid (2:12)
  3. Treacle Empire (3:30)
  4. Cloud Soup (3:32)
  5. Fearsphere (2:26)
  6. Unyes (3:09)
  7. Stairway Fairway (2:38)

Hope you like!

MIDI mania continues!

My quest to see¬†a short-term, self-imposed project through to its finish is so far proving fruitful and worthwhile. I’m happy to report that two weeks into 30in30-4, my challenge to create one new midi song a day all throughout the month of January, I’m¬†on schedule.

Ergo,¬†there are now 14 tracks available as part of 30in30-4. These tracks will be going up on BandCamp at the end of the month when I’m finished with this project.

See the first 5 midis in the previous post here.

Go to the Dropbox folder here!

  1. Nuclear Fumes (1:57)
  2. Delay(0); Restart; (3:16)
  3. Last Resort (2:43)
  4. Oh (2:27)
  5. Oxygenesis (2:54)
  6. Cyanide Downpour (4:00)
  7. Ampersand (3:08)
  8. Mal (2:28)
  9. Crystal Iris (3:04)


I am the music maker

I’ve alluded to having made a crapton of music over the past year and that’s certainly true.¬†If I were to¬†have posted a new video to my YouTube channel for every new piece of music I’d written over 2015, I would’ve inundated it with probably 100+ tracks.

I’ve recently taken up a new discipline whereby I write the bulk of a track within 30 minutes. This usually doesn’t result in a track being any longer than 3 minutes, but¬†I think they’re still very strong musically.

As I mentioned in my below post, I’m continuing this trend at the fixed rate of one new track a day throughout all of January, to get me rooted in the mindset of finishing what I start. Once I’m done, everything¬†will be released in my fourth 30in30 album on my BandCamp page.

Go to the Dropbox folder here!

I’ll be putting new stuff up there as I finish it. Currently there’s 5 tracks on show:

  1. Time To Be On Fire (2:18)
  2. Sol Plummeting (1:44)
  3. Encrusted (2:11)
  4. Violence Makes Violets (2:50)
  5. Protodojo (2:23)

Also yeah, I did say my fourth of these. My third collection of 30 speedmidis is currently up and available for download! It’s perhaps my most pleasing effort in terms of the quality of the tracks on offer.

30in30-3: 30 more strangely-titled songs hastily written in (like) half an hour
Click for BandCamp link!

Enjoy! Please leave me a review on BandCamp as well if you like the music. ūüėÄ

Year 2 Semester 1 Portfolio!

This has been a hectic, often stressful, but nonetheless rewarding and exceptionally productive year for me so far. I’m continuously taking my music and other¬†creations to new levels – elsewhere in the world, even – and have been putting my name and brand out as much as possible – certainly the Personal Management Skills lectures I attended have helped me become mindful of that.

Here’s downloads to everything I’ve done over this last semester:

Google Drive folder

Hit the button below for the full folio.

Read More

Makin’ MIDIs!

I should probably be getting on with work that I am actually supposed to be doing, but in this “interim” of procrastination (we’ll call it that, rather than “my everyday lifestyle”), I have recently put out not one but two albums of 30 songs – all composed within a very stringent time limit.

Either way, you can check out the releases below at my BandCamp.

30-in-30: 30 songs each written in 30 minutes
Click for BandCamp link!
30in30 2: 30 more songs all (mostly) written in that number of minutes
Click for BandCamp link!

30in30 is a collection of 30 “speedMIDI”s I’ve created over the course of 2013 to 2015. Most of these MIDIs were written in 30 minutes or less – hence the totally original name. A wide variety of styles and moods are on show here,¬†much more so than my usual work.

The idea behind the composition process is that I give myself 30¬†minutes or less to compose a song, or at least the bulk of one, in General MIDI (since that’s what I can do quickest), then go back afterwards and add finishing touches and improvements… which oftentimes takes way more than 30 minutes, all things considered.

Personally I think the songs in the second installment¬†are much better than the ones in the first, and I hope this trend of improvement continues, as I’m already working on a third.

I ought to thank Jerry and Alfonzo, who challenged me to several MIDI duels that helped me create these two albums, and to AD_79, ClonedPickle,, and my family for the ideas and inspiration that birthed some of these abominations. Shoutout to the people in #doommusicians as well!

Website updates and BandCamp

Just dropping in real quick here to let you guys know that while I’m a bit late, I have delivered what I promised! (I uploaded this video at Christmas time last year.)

I’m working on making things on my end a bit more organized. The MIDIs and Albums pages have been updated greatly with new content.

And for those interested, I’ve added some more links¬†to my Videos page. I’ve been busy this last year, that’s for sure!

The biggest thing of note, however, is the fact that a lot of my stuff is now featured exclusively on BandCamp. My finest (in my humble opinion) works are now bundled neatly into downloadable albums for affordable prices on the website. Now you can more easily add the tunes to your music library, listen on the go if you add them to your mobile device of choice, and I fully allow burning them to CD for personal use (and personal use only), i.e. listening in your kitchen or car or whatever.

More albums are to come, including the third Back to Saturn X album, the music for¬†The Adventures of Square, and hopefully my most ambitious musical venture yet, the soundtrack to the¬†work-in-progress Doom megaproject Supplice. However, most notably,¬†there is now a “Best Of” collection that features 32 of what I consider to be my best ever works from 2008 to last year.


Click that graphic of my face right there to go straight to it on my BandCamp page. Check it out!

Also, I promise I’m going to make a big post here at some point about my 2014. May be a while though. It was eventful,¬†I can say that much. ūüėõ

YouTube update 15/04/13

I do apologize for how slow I’ve been in keeping this blog up to date.

One of the reasons for my not uploading new tracks to YouTube is Windows 7’s Movie Maker being the most awkward piece of crap in the universe to use. “Yeah, let’s get rid of the timeline, take ALL the drag-and-drop functionality out of it, separate video and audio syncing ENTIRELY, and make audio trimming only doable by TYPING NUMBERS.”

I’m sorry, perhaps that’s a rant for another time. It’s going to take some getting used to, clearly, unless I just bite the bullet and download the older version of Movie Maker from somewhere. Or hell, get something better. I will try and get some more videos uploaded in the near future. I have been working on lots of music lately, rest assured.

“Zero Degrees Kelvin”

“Frozen Over”