Year 4 Semester 1 Portfolio

This portfolio is a summary of the first semester of my final year at ECU/WAAPA. This semester has been unusually tricky for me, not with regard to the tasks at hand particularly, but with regard to summoning the willpower and creativity needed for both assignments and miscellaneous work, and deadlines have been more or less the sole …

Duke It Out In D.C. MIDI Pack RELEASED!

If you’ve recently been hankering for some new Jimmidis (and I admit my output has withered down to a trickle lately), then no worries, I gotcha covered. Waaaay back in 2013, Robin “NightFright” Reisinger contacted me about writing stuff for the Duke Nukem 3D addon “Duke It Out In D.C.“, which I was happy to do. …

MIDIs page update 10/03/17

Due to Dropbox discontinuing its use of Public folders, which is where all my MIDI files happened to be hosted, I have now relocated them all to hopefully what will be a permanent home on this website. Get the freshest batch of Jimmidis down below, of which there are now 500: DOWNLOAD ALL MIDIS IN …

“Realisations EP” released!

I have released a new 4-track mini-EP for free streaming and download on SoundCloud. Check it out below: Labelled under the genre of “Instrumental Rock”, this EP features three tracks that are upbeat and diverse, featuring pretty traditional rock instrumentation. Written mostly with assorted keyboard parts front and center, they are relatively simple compositions, and the …

Epic Song of the Week #28!

This week’s Epic Song is “The Day That The World Breaks Down” by Ayreon. Check it out on the ESotW page.

Epic Song of the Week #27!

This week’s Epic Song is “Feed the Machine” by Nickelback. Check it out on the ESotW page.

“Revolution! MIDI Pack” released!

See the new page! It’s been a while since I really posted anything about my gaming and modding habits here, huh. Well now that uni is out of the way, I can focus on more personal projects. (Yes, this includes Adventures of Square for those still clamoring for that.) But here’s a musical project that …

Upcoming Music: My third-year recital!

It’s probably time I used this website to promote what I’m doing in the real world of music. Let’s give this a go: I have a recital coming up! It’s the culmination of the last three years of studying Composition and Music Technology at the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). I still have another year …

Epic Song of the Week #26!

This week’s Epic Song is “Ghost Ship” by Theocracy. Check it out on the ESotW page.

Epic Song of the Week #25!

This week’s Epic Song is “Three Lives” by Octavision. Check it out on the ESotW page.