Countdown to Australia: 2 weeks.

Second “Australia Countdown” video uploaded to my Vlog Channel. This one’s totally tardy but I explain why (kinda) in the video.

Countdown to Australia: 3 weeks.

We’re moving to Australia on November 28, precisely three weeks from now. Every week leading up to that day (and on the day itself… providing the time allows for it) I’m gonna be releasing a short update video to my Vlog Channel. Here is the first. (Yes, it’s Tuesday now, I know. This post should’ve …

Our house finally sold

This should’ve gone up yesterday, but someone apparently stole the internet for the whole area. Literally stole some wires from the switching station and we were without internet access for almost the entire day. Awesome. Anyway, we went up to the local auction house yesterday to see our house sell. It was a bit crowded …

Hey, Australia. Come at me, bro.

Our house just got underwritten for auction. On November 1st it will be sold. And with our current plans, come November 28, I will no longer be living in this country. All I can say is that you’d better put up a fight, Australia. Can you handle this? You better hope so.

Important: So long, Blighty

I’m no patriot – I hate the way people insist that their country is great just because they happened to be born there – but I love this country anyway. It’s been a good twenty years. For nearly 7300 days (not counting holidays abroad), I have lived in this country. And I’ve enjoyed it. Once …