‘ello there.

Name: James Paddock
DOB: 30/11/91
Country of Origin: England.
Current Residence: Perth, Western Australia.

Good morrow, internets.

Jolly nice to make your acquaintance.

Hi, I’m James. You might know me from my various internet-based musical projects, or through happening to cross my path in real life.

I’m English. I certainly fit the stereotypes – I’m a self-conscious, overly polite introvert with a bad diet, interestingly-shaped teeth (you’ll be hard-pressed to see me bear them in a photo), and a penchant for complaining. My accent’s pretty pronounced, too, despite having lived in Australia since I was 20. I blogged extensively about the long and grinding process of emmigrating to this Australia and the effect it had on myself and my family, which you can read all about here.

I am a creative person above all else, whatever medium that creativity entails, and always strive to deliver the best. My view of the world is highly outside-in – I place other people’s points of view before my own and am always conscious of the aesthetic I am presenting. Music is my passion, but I dabble in the other arts as well. I’m not really a writer, though I use the language to its fullest and have been praised in the past as being very imaginative. At the moment, I mainly stick to venting my own disgusting opinions in the form of baseless rants which probably no-one ever bothers to read because I tend to get ridiculously carried away once I start and this increasingly run-on sentence is a prime example of my passion for writing going terribly astray. I have also done a small bit of performance in school dramas and musical or two.

Musically, this is what I do.

Instrument: Piano/keyboard.
Tools of the trade: ASUS F550L laptop with Windows 8.1, Yamaha PSR-E333 keyboard.
Programs of choice: Cakewalk Express 3.02 (running in Windows 7 virtual machine), Propellerhead Reason.

Favorite Genre: Alternative/progressive rock/metal.
Favorite Bands: Genesis, Muse, Symphony X, Dream Theater, Karnivool, Pendulum, The Prodigy.

I’m a minimalist when it comes to music technology. I don’t have any fancy-schmancy mixing desks or excellent-quality sound setups. I’ve composed in just General MIDI format for a number of years, now, and have gained all of my knowledge through the consumption of other musicians’ work (MIDI and non-MIDI). I haven’t had any formal training in music theory or being a session musician – a large portion of my musical knowledge I’ve taught myself.

Now you no doubt want to know some pointless trivial facts about myself that you couldn’t possibly use for any resourceful purpose, unless you and I meet through some bizarre means and we get talking about it. Though I doubt somewhat that the following minutiae would be interesting subjects of conversation… still, here goes nothing. Really.

Favorite Color: Red.
Favorite Foods: Fried eggs, bacon, ham.
Favorite Drink: Tea. With milk and honey.
Political Alignment: Left(ish).
Religious Beliefs: Nope.


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