Systematic chaos

Currently our entire house smells of dusty cardboard, old plastic, bubble-wrap and industrial-strength cleaning solution. It is unbridled insanity over here. Removal men have been round for the last couple of days doing what I believe gives them their name – removing stuff from the premises. And by jove they’re fast. The house has been …

Epic Song of the Week #9

This week’s Epic Song is “Schism” by Tool. Check it out on the ESotW page. — Last week’s ESotW was “The Mob Rules” by Black Sabbath (Adrenaline Mob cover).

Scotty the Cat, episode 4 – the final chapter

Scotty is now terrified of our house. The number of empty rooms and cardboard boxes left lying around the place has made him freak out a little bit, and he can’t stand the sound or even the threat of cardboard boxes being moved around. I think it might be because he loves climbing in and …

Final blog post from England

Farewell all, and goodbye Blighty. It’s been fun.

Chaos in Pictures: An odyssey of insanity as described by James Paddock; illustrated by Ben P

Well, this has been hell. Thank Christ there’s no return trip this time around, so we won’t have to repeat this whole series of events. I wouldn’t wish the chaos that comes with the arduous process of emmigration on my worst enemy. This emmigration thing has spanned roughly three years of systematic chaos, and three …

Phew, that was a close one

So, the mortgage company have apparently decided to finally withdraw their heads from their sphincters. The house has officially sold and the money is now in our laps. Everyone’s a happy bunny now. More or less. 😀

Two decades on this planet, also Doom turns eighteen

I suppose this is quite significant to my life so I think I’ll make a blog post about it. (Late by ten days though it is.) (Also that cake wasn’t mine.) On November 30, 2011, I celebrated the 20th anniversary of my inception into this world. Two decades. 20 years. 240 months. 1,040 weeks. 7,305 …

We has a house.

I apologise wholeheartedly for not having updated this blog in a while – especially neglecting to keep you up to date with my musical discoveries via Epic Song of the Week, and not uploading many any tracks to my YouTube page. Truth be told, there’s really not been a lot of things happening round here. …