New track on SoundCloud! (Random solo)

I got bored one day and decided to record myself doing some crazy soloing with my keyboard. My skill with this kind of thing is something I’ve been working at for a while, and you can hear a few hiccups every now and then in my performance, but what you’re hearing is a 100% live …

Epic Song of the Week #5

This week’s Epic Song is “Mars” by Gustav Holst. Check it out on the ESotW page. — This one was a bit tardy, apologies. Last week’s ESotW was “The Odyssey” by Symphony X.

“That’s Mega, Man!” (New tune!)

I just attended my first One Hour Compo over on This week’s theme was “The Game”. I like videogames so I decided to do a short Megaman-ish chiptune. 😛 This all took place about 12 hours ago, meaning I was almost asleep by the time it ended, but here it is. ‘Twas good fun, …

Hey, Australia. Come at me, bro.

Our house just got underwritten for auction. On November 1st it will be sold. And with our current plans, come November 28, I will no longer be living in this country. All I can say is that you’d better put up a fight, Australia. Can you handle this? You better hope so.

I hate mice

No, computer mice. I seem to have had nothing but trouble after trouble with mine. The lovely little laser mouse I got with this lappy died on me a while ago, after having no problems in the two years or so that I had it. I had to have one nearly twice the size as …

Epic Song of the Week #4

This week’s Epic Song is “The Odyssey” by Symphony X. Check it out on the ESotW page. This time I’ve gone into rather a lot of detail about the song’s structure. But it’s called “The Odyssey” for a reason. 😛 — Last week’s ESotW was “A Nightmare to Remember” by Dream Theater.

I’m oldschool as hell

It’s been pointed out to me recently that my music all sounds a bit… samey. In particular, the tracks uploaded onto my YouTube channel. I realize this – but I don’t think it’s because I’m lazy or unimaginative. Creating music is something I pour my heart and soul into. The medium through which I create …

Obsessive-compulsive webpage-reloading disorder: A diagnosis

I realize I’m now in the advanced stages of obsessive-compulsive webpage-reloading disorder. An unfortunate condition, in which the afflicted slowly but surely loses track of the concept of time over a twelve-hour period. I have compiled my study on this condition (and my subsequent findings) into this post. The ordeal begins early in the day, …

YouTube update 12/10/11

The collaboration between John Weekley, Stuart Rynn, and myself, is complete. 🙂 Check it belooooooooooooow. “Bound for Glory”

New collaboration in the works!

If you enjoyed Prototype, the collaborative effort between myself and the awesomely-talented Stuart Rynn, then good news! 😀 Myself, Stuart Rynn (aka Forty-Two) and John Weekley (aka PRIMEVAL/Tenebrae Aeternus) have been working on a brand-new three-way collaboration. This is the final track that will be submitted to the Doom project Reverie, for its twenty-seventh level. …