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13 “Harmony” MP3s uploaded to YouTube – 100 video milestone reached!

Early this year I made it a personal mission of mine to write unique MIDI tracks for all 11 levels of Thomas van der Velden‘s fantastic solo shooter project “Harmony”, which he released in 2009. It proved difficult but fun, and took me about four months of on-and-off commitment to finally finish it. The game …

Harmony MIDIs updated

To go with the YouTube update yesterday, I have now updated the Harmony MIDI Pack zip file. Get it here. You’ll find the tracks under the /midis folder, and the zip contains a .wad file which you can run with Harmony by dragging it onto the .exe. It will replace the levels’ soundtrack with my …

ASD actually stands for “absolute social dropout”

Apparently, my nursery teacher once said to my parents something along the lines of “he’s a smart lad, but he’ll probably grow up to be a kind of absent-minded professor who needs someone to take care of him – you know, fold his shirts and stuff like that”. While it somehow baffles me that she …

Two reasons why I don’t like your song

I’m addicted to Symphony X. It has to be said. Most recently I bought their two latest albums, “Paradise Lost” (2007) and “Iconoclast” (2011), and have had them on almost perpetual repeat since. I’m up to about 40-50 plays on each song by now. So why do I find their music so more-ish? Very few …

Working on new artwork for “Creation”

This is a mock-up of my actual vision for “Creation”‘s album artwork. Not permanent by any means. Tell me, what do y’all think? 😛

“In the works” #1

Occasionally I won’t release anything for a while. This happens – either my creativity stagnates or outside forces conspire to prevent me from uploading anything to this site or my YouTube channel. This post will serve as an update to any and all works that I am currently working on (or that I owe to …

YouTube update 30/09/11

Just uploaded three new tracks to my YouTube channel. Find them below. 😀 “Coal” ______________________________________________________________________________ “Fallen Sun” ______________________________________________________________________________ “Dispersion”

Epic Song of the Week #2

This week’s Epic Song is “Hereafter” by DGM. Check it out on the ESotW page. — Last week’s was “Sea of Fate” by Rhapsody of Fire.

Harmony MIDI Pack now on /idgames

The Harmony MIDI Pack which I updated a while ago has now been approved on the /idgames archive, meaning that its release has basically been finalized. It took about three days after uploading for it to be approved, and to be honest I was wondering if it would be, since I went against a couple …