Global Game Jam Entry: nu//void

My brother Ben and I entered into the Global Game Jam (GGJ) ’18 with a game of our own that we managed to put together in about 48 hours. It was fun to get involved with the local gaming community once again, which we’d done a couple months prior with the showcasing of The Adventures of Square at the Perth Games Festival 2017.

As for the game we threw together during this jam, it’s a short puzzle-platformer with harsh abstract visuals, called nu//void (pronounced “null-void”).

Download: Global Game Jam page
(Windows 64-bit OSes only, sorry!)


In the game itself, you will be required to move, jump, and “use” certain objects in the level. Make sure these keys are bound. In addition you have one “weapon” – click your left mouse button to switch the lights “on” and “off” with a snap of your fingers. This will invert the colors black and white in the game world, exposing hidden doors, switches and platforms that you will need to find to progress.

Find your way through the labyrinth, and collect the three artefacts, before making your way to the exit door. Oh yeah, and keep an eye (and ear) out – for the phantom.

If you perish, either to the static floors, or the phantom, hit the “Use” key to restart the level.

Default controls:

  • W, A, S, D for moving
  • SPACE for jump
  • E for use
  • LEFT MOUSE BTN for light switch

Thanks for playing!


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