Year 4 Semester 1 Portfolio

This portfolio is a summary of the first semester of my final year at ECU/WAAPA.

This semester has been unusually tricky for me, not with regard to the tasks at hand particularly, but with regard to summoning the willpower and creativity needed for both assignments and miscellaneous work, and deadlines have been more or less the sole motivator during a time where for one reason or another, I have found it difficult to stay stimulated and energetic. Occasional onsets of back pain have not helped my mood, nor have technical issues that have prevented me from utilising the software most familiar to me (Cakewalk Express) that I have traditionally used for the last 10+ years to write my music.

All these frustrating mental and physical limitations accounted for, I believe I am still improving certain skills such as my ability to write sheet music, a skill that will prove useful later this year with the arrival of my recital. I have branched out into new harmonic territory, studied the work of numerous composers, and due to the technical issues have not been working in the constrictive paradigm of General MIDI so that I may create pieces entirely in a modern guise of composition. (Nonetheless I have included in this folio two General MIDI-centred projects that I worked on during the break between this semester and the last.)

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