The Ever Shrine

Here’s a little bitesize YouTube update for y’all – and a friendly reminder to go and check out my latest BandCamp album 30in30-4! The track featured here is the finale of the album, composed at the very end of the month-long challenge I set myself to write one new track a day all throughout January – the track was composed in two parts (both are included in the video) over the remainder days of 29-30 January 2016. I think it’s a fitting closer, long and varied and complex as per my usual “me doing me” style.

“The Ever Shrine”

2 Comments on “ The Ever Shrine ”

  • I like to wait until each 30in30 is complete before listening. I put them on my ipod as I head out for swimming every Monday and Wednesday night.

    This track in particular spawned a fantastic concept for a map I hope to build in the future as a part of an advanced personal project.

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