Makin’ MIDIs!

I should probably be getting on with work that I am actually supposed to be doing, but in this “interim” of procrastination (we’ll call it that, rather than “my everyday lifestyle”), I have recently put out not one but two albums of 30 songs – all composed within a very stringent time limit.

Either way, you can check out the releases below at my BandCamp.

30-in-30: 30 songs each written in 30 minutes
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30in30 2: 30 more songs all (mostly) written in that number of minutes
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30in30 is a collection of 30 “speedMIDI”s I’ve created over the course of 2013 to 2015. Most of these MIDIs were written in 30 minutes or less – hence the totally original name. A wide variety of styles and moods are on show here, much more so than my usual work.

The idea behind the composition process is that I give myself 30 minutes or less to compose a song, or at least the bulk of one, in General MIDI (since that’s what I can do quickest), then go back afterwards and add finishing touches and improvements… which oftentimes takes way more than 30 minutes, all things considered.

Personally I think the songs in the second installment are much better than the ones in the first, and I hope this trend of improvement continues, as I’m already working on a third.

I ought to thank Jerry and Alfonzo, who challenged me to several MIDI duels that helped me create these two albums, and to AD_79, ClonedPickle,, and my family for the ideas and inspiration that birthed some of these abominations. Shoutout to the people in #doommusicians as well!