Ladies and men of the gentle disposition, I can conclusively say that Rainbow Season, the joint musical venture between myself and my brother, are finally ready to unleash their EP to the world. The tracks have been mixed to the best of my ability, mastered, and uploaded to CDBaby – and the EP will be …

Merry Christmas from Rainbow Season!

Season’s greetings to all our friends, family and followers! We (myself and Ben) have a very special announcement. :O We hope you had a splendid Christmas and wish you a great 2014 to follow! Here’s a VERY SPECIAL MESSAGE concerning the EP.

Greetings, mortal – are you ready to DIET?

I so want to just voraciously devour a peanut butter sandwich right now. It’s 2:30am. Right now, though, I cannot.

Doom is 20

The best computer game of all time turned two decades old today. Yep. The big two oh. Doom is still played and modded by a large, still-thriving community, and it is still as fun as it was when it was uploaded to the university of Wisconsin’s FTP server and distributed worldwide. It’s still my favorite …


In an effort to keep myself busy, I recently signed up to audition for two separate local projects, hoping to be accepted for either or both. The title of this post may well give away the outcome of those decisions, but let me tell you about how each one went. Things are made doubly interesting …