“The Plutonia Experiment” MIDI Pack released!

I’m pleased to announce the completion and release of the Plutonia MIDI Pack, which is a unique project I started earlier this year. It consists of 35 new MIDI tracks, all written by various members of the Doomworld community, in a bid to write a unique soundtrack for the Doom 2 add-on “The Plutonia Experiment” – which had no new music of its own and instead borrowed the music from the first two Doom games. Its counterpart, “Evilution” did feature new music, though – and as a very musically-minded person, this is to me the biggest and most immediately apparent separator between the two levelsets. A lot of Evilution stands out in my mind more clearly than Plutonia.

Therefore I decided to ask the community for its opinion. If the music for Plutonia was all original, what would it sound like? The community response was quite enthusiastic, and after a great deal of work from many talented individuals who contributed some really great work to the project, here is the finished product.

You can see a new page has been created for it under my Doom category.

Download now!

Download from the Doomworld /idgames archives

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