Month: October 2013

EP review: Bad Salad – Puzzled

Greetings, prog metal fans of all sorts! Today I have very special treat for you, a review of the latest musical venture by the exceedingly talented folks of Bad Salad, whom you may remember I covered a little while ago in a review of their fantastic debut album “Uncivilized“.

“Blahhhhh” to you guys, too.

Vocals: Denis Oliveira
Guitar: Thiago Campos
Bass: Felipe Campos
Keyboards: Junghwan Kim (guest)
Drums: Caco Gonçalves


Now, I present to you my second review of their work, which has me very excited, as they currently have a three-track EP in the works, entitled “Puzzled”. They announced this via their Facebook page and have been giving almost daily updates to the project since then, as well as setting up a donation drive on to entice their fans to donate to further the EP’s development.

A fantastic idea, I think. It was to be an extensive and expensive undertaking, and they had to do it fast, too – the keyboardist, Junghwan Kim, flew to Brazil from South Korea especially to be a part of the writing and recording process for the EP, and could only stay for two months. The band then reached out to their fans to help them make the project a reality. It’s great to see bands, especially those of this amount of talent, using the internet to such great advantage like this.

As a pledger to the project myself, I was eligible for the sneak preview of the tracks the band offered, and I also volunteered to offer them feedback as a reviewer before the EP’s official release. So with all that said, let us proceed with it!

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“The Plutonia Experiment” MIDI Pack released!

I’m pleased to announce the completion and release of the Plutonia MIDI Pack, which is a unique project I started earlier this year. It consists of 35 new MIDI tracks, all written by various members of the Doomworld community, in a bid to write a unique soundtrack for the Doom 2 add-on “The Plutonia Experiment” – which had no new music of its own and instead borrowed the music from the first two Doom games. Its counterpart, “Evilution” did feature new music, though – and as a very musically-minded person, this is to me the biggest and most immediately apparent separator between the two levelsets. A lot of Evilution stands out in my mind more clearly than Plutonia.

Therefore I decided to ask the community for its opinion. If the music for Plutonia was all original, what would it sound like? The community response was quite enthusiastic, and after a great deal of work from many talented individuals who contributed some really great work to the project, here is the finished product.

You can see a new page has been created for it under my Doom category.

Download now!

Download from the Doomworld /idgames archives