StickKnights: Part I

This is a rather momentous occasion, at least for the Paddock brothers. (aka. the minds behind Rainbow Season and a host of other projects which are kind-of-going-on right now.)

You may or may not know that my brother’s an animator. He’s still learning Flash but for someone who’s picked it up only recently, I think he’s doing a fantastic job. The video below is the finished first part of the cartoon project that he’s been working on painstakingly as of late. It started as an idea seven years ago, and became a reality as soon as he got ahold of Adobe Flash. He did all the animation, and I did the soundtrack. The voices are also entirely him, apart from the main character’s, which I provided.

This is Part 1 of a planned 4. Give it a watch. We both sincerely hope you enjoy it. 😀

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