YouTube update 15/04/13

I do apologize for how slow I’ve been in keeping this blog up to date.

One of the reasons for my not uploading new tracks to YouTube is Windows 7’s Movie Maker being the most awkward piece of crap in the universe to use. “Yeah, let’s get rid of the timeline, take ALL the drag-and-drop functionality out of it, separate video and audio syncing ENTIRELY, and make audio trimming only doable by TYPING NUMBERS.”

I’m sorry, perhaps that’s a rant for another time. It’s going to take some getting used to, clearly, unless I just bite the bullet and download the older version of Movie Maker from somewhere. Or hell, get something better. I will try and get some more videos uploaded in the near future. I have been working on lots of music lately, rest assured.

“Zero Degrees Kelvin”

“Frozen Over”

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