Rainbow Season in the studio!

My brother and I have been focusing super-hard on Rainbow Season lately. The last two months have been spent rehearsing, refining, and in some places rewriting the four songs we have planned for our debut EP.

Here’s what has happened in that time:

  • All the songs have undergone some fairly drastic changes in terms of vocal melodies. The version of “Control” I uploaded to SoundCloud is now terribly out of date.
  • “Sleep”, which we played at the Joondalup Battle of the Bands last October, is no longer going to be on the EP. It was dropped because it was becoming difficult for us to work with. Not to mention the problem of trying to record vocals for five songs within an eight-hour period, which would have been almost impossible.
  • “In My Box” is now to be played and sung a semitone higher.
  • The song that was called “2012” is now called “Judgement Day”. Fortunately, the song’s lyrics don’t specifically make reference to 2012 – the supposed year of the apocalypse – so they haven’t had to be rewritten.
  • Also, we now hate all of these songs. But you might still be able to like them, so what the hey does our opinion matter. 😛

Studio shenanigans below:

Huge thanks to Alan Smith (Bergerk! Studio’s engineer) for his time, patience and dedication when we recorded our vocals with him. The EP is very close to being done now. It’s just a case of making sure it’s all mixed and produced properly, then we’ll try to get in online in some form of digital download – a market we need to investigate a bit further.

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