Month: April 2013

Bad hair year – one year later

This post is the epic sequel to my first post about my hair since landing in Australia.

My hair is long. I think that’s a safe assumption to make.


The intensity of my twiddling habit has actually declined, although every now and then I’ll run a finger or two through my majestic locks and find that it feels nice to the point where I don’t want to stop doing it, which I don’t quite understand.

Also my hair is actually long enough to cover my eyes, and also to completely obscure my face in the shower. Gives me the oddest feeling of security, like my hair is protecting me, shielding my face from all the evils of the world. Again, I don’t understand it.

We’ll see how it progresses. I’ll obviously trim it occasionally if it gets totally out of hand, but I honestly like it at this length. When I wasn’t used to having long hair, having fairly long was a bit of a nightmare. Now I have stupidly long hair, it doesn’t bother me. At least, right now – it should get a lot longer by October, and that’s when the heat kicks in over here, so if I start to develop heatstroke due to my surplus of dark chocolate curls, I’ll probably see about shortening it again. I might even style it slightly differently, but I’ve tried coaxing it straight and it just doesn’t stay that way.

That concludes this pointless update on the status of my head.

StickKnights: Part I

This is a rather momentous occasion, at least for the Paddock brothers. (aka. the minds behind Rainbow Season and a host of other projects which are kind-of-going-on right now.)

You may or may not know that my brother’s an animator. He’s still learning Flash but for someone who’s picked it up only recently, I think he’s doing a fantastic job. The video below is the finished first part of the cartoon project that he’s been working on painstakingly as of late. It started as an idea seven years ago, and became a reality as soon as he got ahold of Adobe Flash. He did all the animation, and I did the soundtrack. The voices are also entirely him, apart from the main character’s, which I provided.

This is Part 1 of a planned 4. Give it a watch. We both sincerely hope you enjoy it. 😀

Rainbow Season in the studio!

My brother and I have been focusing super-hard on Rainbow Season lately. The last two months have been spent rehearsing, refining, and in some places rewriting the four songs we have planned for our debut EP.

Here’s what has happened in that time:

  • All the songs have undergone some fairly drastic changes in terms of vocal melodies. The version of “Control” I uploaded to SoundCloud is now terribly out of date.
  • “Sleep”, which we played at the Joondalup Battle of the Bands last October, is no longer going to be on the EP. It was dropped because it was becoming difficult for us to work with. Not to mention the problem of trying to record vocals for five songs within an eight-hour period, which would have been almost impossible.
  • “In My Box” is now to be played and sung a semitone higher.
  • The song that was called “2012” is now called “Judgement Day”. Fortunately, the song’s lyrics don’t specifically make reference to 2012 – the supposed year of the apocalypse – so they haven’t had to be rewritten.
  • Also, we now hate all of these songs. But you might still be able to like them, so what the hey does our opinion matter. 😛

Studio shenanigans below:

Huge thanks to Alan Smith (Bergerk! Studio’s engineer) for his time, patience and dedication when we recorded our vocals with him. The EP is very close to being done now. It’s just a case of making sure it’s all mixed and produced properly, then we’ll try to get in online in some form of digital download – a market we need to investigate a bit further.

YouTube update 15/04/13

I do apologize for how slow I’ve been in keeping this blog up to date.

One of the reasons for my not uploading new tracks to YouTube is Windows 7’s Movie Maker being the most awkward piece of crap in the universe to use. “Yeah, let’s get rid of the timeline, take ALL the drag-and-drop functionality out of it, separate video and audio syncing ENTIRELY, and make audio trimming only doable by TYPING NUMBERS.”

I’m sorry, perhaps that’s a rant for another time. It’s going to take some getting used to, clearly, unless I just bite the bullet and download the older version of Movie Maker from somewhere. Or hell, get something better. I will try and get some more videos uploaded in the near future. I have been working on lots of music lately, rest assured.

“Zero Degrees Kelvin”

“Frozen Over”

MIDIs page update 15/04/13

Twenty-one MIDIs are now newly listed on my MIDI page. These are all fairly new, and actually make a pretty good batch, in my opinion. Hope you enjoy them. 🙂

Faultline (4:00)
Heliotrope (6:07)
Intermission (2:58)
Keeper of Terrors (5:27)
Kugelblitz (7:04)
Oligarchy (6:34)
Petrichor (Blood of the Stone) (9:21)
Untilted (4:59)
Yaw (4:46)
Zero Degrees Kelvin (6:02)
Nine Feet Under (3:08)
Pollutants (3:50)
Reptilian (4:41)
Unruly Fortress (2:56)
Spiritual Hatred (4:10)
Frozen Over (5:20)
The Dark Side of Luna (0:40)
Lunar Transit (1:13)
Moon Rock (1:28)
Deciduous Darkness (7:02)
Darkplace Theme Song (0:57)