Month: January 2013

TwitchTV livestreaming

I now have an account on the livestreaming website TwitchTV. I will occasionally be broadcasting streams of me either composing music, or playing Doom. Fun times. 😀

Go to my TwitchTV channel and bookmark it in case you’d like to be part of the stream as it’s happening.

Below you can view something I livestreamed earlier today. It’s a 40-minute stream of me completing a request – someone asked for a MIDI sequence of Frank Klepacki’s “Radio“, a track from the game Command and Conquer: Red Alert. For my first ever livestream, it actually went really well. I’ll see if I can make this a regular feature.

Watch live video from jimmybtsx on TwitchTV

If you subscribe to me on TwitchTV, I believe you’ll get e-mail notifications whenever I start broadcasting, which will probably be around 12pm in my timezone (GMT+8). That unfortunately means about 4am for anyone in the UK/Europe, and 12am for anyone in the US. I’m afraid my current longitude and latitude coordinates on this planet are probably not ideal in terms of potential viewer count. 😡

New Rainbow Season cover – “Animals” by Muse

For those of you interested in me and my brother’s vocal ventures, we’ve uploaded another cover to our Rainbow Season set on my SoundCloud page. It’s “Animals” by Muse, an excellent song off their latest album, “The 2nd Law“.

Other songs in this set include a remix/cover of Pendulum’s “The Island”, and our original song “Control”.

We really enjoyed doing this one – I did particularly, because it involved reconstructing the song from the ground up, and it’s considerably more complex than many of the others I’ve finished so far. Its 5/8 time signature, odd polyrhythms and chromatic chords make for a very interesting and pleasing track, and a definite challenge when it comes to arranging it. Then, once the track was laid down, I had to find the vocal harmonies that were happening during the choruses. Many of them I kind of worked out by process of elimination rather than using my ears to detect what Muse actually do in those sections, so while our harmonies may not be completely faithful to the original, they’re more or less accurate and still pretty much work regardless, I think.

As to the project itself, we still need to decide what we’re going to do with it. We’ve booked some time in a proper studio (eight hours at Bergerk! Studios, a prize we won in Battle of the Bands) so we can get some studio-quality vocals done for our EP. That’s to be in April 2013, though, so we have a bit of a gap to fill for our audience until then, with whatever activities we can find.

However it goes, we’ll continue to work on our singing abilities (we’re still learning!), and we’ll do our best to keep our update frequency up on that front. Hope you enjoy the cover. 🙂