Am 21

So. As of yesterday, I’m now of the age of twenty-one.

Why it is that the candles often look more delicious than the cake itself?

If you know me, it won’t come as too big a surprise that no massive celebration involving tons of rampant drinking went on, as I’m repulsed by alcohol – but a fun day was still had by all. 🙂

A few days ago I received some books (David Mitchell’s “Back Story” and Charlie Brooker’s “I Can Make You Hate“) and the newest Opeth album (“Heritage“) which I bought for myself. The most recent Red album (“Until We Have Faces“) is still on its way.

My dad lent me some money to buy an advanced Propellerhead Reason course for myself, which I’ll be getting into over the next 6 months. I might also be getting a new laptop. It will be a relief to be rid of the problems that this one currently has – like just being generally slow or completely incapable of even opening anything for stupid lengths of time… and while we’re trying to set up our live rig. 😡

I also got a little birthday gift from the City of Joondalup of sorts – a certificate of participation, an indication of us having taken part in the Battle of the Bands contest at the end of last month.

We had a meal at the local Stringy Bark. That was some damn good eatin’.

This day also marks a full year of our family living in Australia. Wheeee. I want to say that a shitload of life-changing stuff has transpired in that time that has reinvented and inspired us all, but to be honest we’re more or less just the same old bunch of grumpy Englishpeople. 😛


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