MIDIs page update 10/11/12

There are fourteen new MIDIs listed on my MIDI page now. Again, not all of them are entirely new (only the first five are) – I just neglected to have them listed on the page before now. 😛

Atmospheric Pressure (4:31)
Enigma (6:41)
Escape Velocity (3:39)
Stormwater (6:45)
The Night Guard (5:33)
Icicles (4:39)
The Grosse Beneath (3:00)
Shells (3:42)
Airport Chant (3:17)
Distant Tranquility (4:42)
Sunset Over Babylon (5:07)
Dead in the Water (3:48)
Fetid Forest (2:54)
Reborn Death (1:56)

Enjoy. 😉

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