YouTube update 26/11/12

Three again. Hope you like ’em. 🙂 “Untilted” “Yaw” “Oligarchy”

MIDIs page update 10/11/12

There are fourteen new MIDIs listed on my MIDI page now. Again, not all of them are entirely new (only the first five are) – I just neglected to have them listed on the page before now. 😛 Atmospheric Pressure (4:31) Enigma (6:41) Escape Velocity (3:39) Stormwater (6:45) The Night Guard (5:33) Icicles (4:39) The …

YouTube update 06/11/12

Three fairly epic ones this time round. Hope you enjoy them! 😀 “Stormwater” “Heliotrope” “The Night Guard”