Welcome to the new site!


If you’ve arrived from the old site at WordPress.com, I can assure you you’re now in the right place. This is where my website and blog will now reside. The old one will still be around, but won’t be updated. All the posts on the old are still there but only viewable to me.

This isn’t just a move, though. I’ve altered the site itself in a few tiny ways. Here are the main changes:

  • New URL highlighting. Check this out. Wooo, it’s all shiny and orange! 😀
  • The ESotW page has been updated with a new collapsible menu of all the previous epic songs that were up there, as well as the reviews I wrote for those songs.
  • I thought I’d add a “Blog” menu onto the top menu bar. All my most-used post categories are now easily browsable from that drop-down list.
  • The widgets on the right-hand sidebar have been pruned. There were too many to start with, and it looks like some of the ones I wanted to have there aren’t usable anyway. D’oh!

Have a look ’round. 🙂

(Incidentally, I am aware that the links leading to various posts/pages on this blog still link back to the old one. Bear with me and I’ll fix those as quickly as I can.)

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