MIDIs page back; tons of new MIDI crap now up

Alrighty, the MIDIs page is back up, and everything should be back to normal now. 🙂

I now have a new online MIDI repository which is here:

So please change your bookmark URLs (haha, right) from “phenomer” to “the-powerhouse”. I have yet to clean up the links in the previous posts (they still lead to Phenomer) but everything I’ve posted before is already at my MIDIs page.

Here, have a ton of music that wasn’t on the MIDIs page before. 😀

(Not all of these are new. In fact, I may have actually posted a few of these before, but they weren’t actually listed on the page, so now they are.)

Newly added/recently composed:
Forgotten Eden (8:14!)
Retina (5:30)
2012 (6:04)
Breakthrough (4:52)
Control (4:24)
Farewell, Old Friend (5:03)
Handle With Care (4:40)
In My Box (4:58)
Let Me Fly (6:10)
Parhelion (3:45)
Sleep (4:12)

Newly added but old:
Above the Carnage
Bound for Glory (3:41)
Conductor (6:21)
Destroy the Burning Wind (3:32)
Economy of Truth (3:02)
Ore (1:44)
Overclock (1:06)
The Raven’s Nest (4:54)
Time Dilation
(4:21)Venture Forth (2:30)
Push Your Luck (3:53)
Happy Sun (3:37)
Where Are My Damn Keys (3:44)
Island in the Night Sky (2:28)

EDIT: Oh hey, lookie that. That right there is my 100th post on this blog. Woot. 😛

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