MIDIs page update 05/06/12

A ton of new MIDIs are now available on my MIDI page. Most of them are for the amazing “Back to Saturn X” project which is looking very tasty right now.

Encased (4:24)
Infrared/Ultraviolet (6:25)
Liquid Luck (6:31)
Mist at Dawn (6:12)
Quicksilver (7:12)
Scattered Ashes (6:39)
Tartarus Plains (7:42)
The Cry (5:04)
Blistering Through the Void (4:15)
Twilit Jungle (5:21)
Vapors (4:58)

Slough of Traps (3:08)
Focused Anomaly (2:33)

Enjoy! 😀

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