Bad hair year

So, as of landing in Australia (30th November 2011), I decided to grow my hair long.


It is a nightmare.

Hair actually takes a long time to grow. Like, long. I was half-expecting to be sporting the Jesus look by now. Instead, I’m starting to look like the 2006 version of Mike Portnoy.

Not that this is a bad thing. Mike rocks, after all.

With the advent of the excess of curls clustering around my cranium, I have unfortunately developed a strange compulsion.

Every now and then, I have to… twiddle it.

There’s no other verb for it. I just take hold of a lock of hair, and… just twiddle it. Roll it around itself. Tie it into knots. Weave it into elaborate tufts.

I don’t know why I do it – it’s not like a perverse pleasure, or anything. I do it automatically while sitting at my desk, and while my right hand has no duties to perform with the mouse (like, while I’m listening to music or something).

Stupid inexplicable compulsive habits.

It doesn’t help me concentrate. It doesn’t help me accomplish anything. My right hand, once it gets into a rhythm, will not be interrupted. It has to tie the captive strand of hair into a tight clump with an elaborate knot, then attempt to undo and flatten it to put everything back as it was before. This process is not always successful… or entirely free of pain. However, it always wastes several seconds… sometimes even minutes, of my own time. And since it often puts unnecessary strain on my arm reaching up like that anyway, it always turns out as a lose-lose situation.

If you look at me carefully, the left side of my head seems to have an unsightly mass of hair dangling over my neck where I appear to have stretched the strands past a reasonable length, or at least weakened them enough so that they just fall limp instead of spreading in a neat outward fashion like hair like mine should.

So yeah I think I need to see a psychologist about this.

…Yes I’ve tried wearing a hat. It does not quash the urge.

EDIT 28/04: I have discovered that it is a psychological condition. A mild form of a little something called trichotillomania. So, that’s awesome.

Apparently it can be severe enough that the sufferer will pull their own hair out voluntarily. I don’t think I’m quite as bad as that yet, but we’ll see if a collection of curls starts to accrue on the floor beneath my chair. Then something will probably need to be done.

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