New sidebar widget: 5 latest tracks

Here’s something my dad (sorta) suggested my blog needed. On the right-hand side of the page, just underneath that awesome picture of my face, you can now listen to my five latest tracks via embedded audio. These are the same higher-quality MP3s that get uploaded to my YouTube channel, so hope you enjoy listening to them!



(Unfortunately, due to their placement in the sidebar widget, it looks as though you can’t actually pause the tracks once they start playing. I’m working on this.)

EDIT: Fixed! Yay! I’ve grouped all of the tracks into a single embed, too. Just use the arrows that appear on the player the play each one. Thanks for the advice, justpi! 🙂

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3 Comments on “ New sidebar widget: 5 latest tracks ”

  • Pretty sweet widget. Now I can get a quick Jimmy P. MIDI fix 🙂

    Tartarus Plains is even more epic that I imagined!
    (Timidity dropped a few instruments from the track when played in game)

    • Thanks, mate. 🙂

      What soundfont do you have Timidity using? If it’s dropping instruments willy-nilly, I’d recommend getting a different one, or trying out a few. You usually can’t wrong with WeedsGM3 or EAWPATS. AirFont, SGM, Fluid, and Silverspring are also pretty cool.

      • Thanks! It was whatever crud came with Debian — FreeSound SF I believe — Turns out only has proven public domain “free” stuff in it (it’s only 1/2 done) AAH! MY Ears! I’ve only been listening to HALF of the music (in ZDoom anyway, my main music player has a decent [nonfree] SF). I played with some fledgling code to get our own MIDI player working too — I hope we don’t run into the same issues the 100% free folks did. Custom synth stuff is fun, but tedius. Beeps and boops are being made, but I have no clue how to algorithmically make a piano sound (besides samples). Won’t be too long now before we start emulating some sweet 16 bit era sounds. 🙂

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