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Yo yo yo, check dis out, biatchezzzz.

Ahem. Sincerest apologies. That shan’t happen again.

On the right-hand side of the blog over there, is a replacement image for the one I made yonks ago which involved me putting on stupid amounts of clothing, an old fleece, a pair of shades and headphones, and standing up in the hottest room in our house on one of the hottest days of the year, and posing unemotionally for a sort of “publicity shot” that eventually I turned into a kind of avatar for my work. It was the pic for my Facebook fan page and nearly wound up as cover art for my album. But looking at it now – alright, it’s still kinda cool – but any professional artist should well be able to tell how there’s literally only one default Photoshop effect applied to it to give it that cartoony shading style that makes me look a little bit like one of those Obama “HOPE” posters.

This new one, however, was done by a far more professional artist – one Thomas van der Velden.

How awesome is this man, you might ask? Well, if you’ve been keeping tabs on my projects for the last year or so, he is the very same man who started the Harmony FPS project, for which I wrote a custom MIDI soundtrack in 2011, that is available on YouTube.

You can see in-game footage here.

And, very much like how I decided to write said MIDI soundtrack purely on a whim, so did Thomas create this graphic at no request of my own. THAT is how awesome he is.

So that’s pretty cool. I shall be using this graphic elsewhere, as well. Check my avatar on YouTube. 😛

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