After watching all three of the Back to the Future movies…

I have just this to say.

Going to see this guy on March 3rd

It can only be… …Yes, you may have seen him featured before on this blog. 😛

Epic Song of the Week #10!

This week’s Epic Song is “Last Time” by Labrinth (Knife Party Remix) Check it out on the ESotW page. — Last week’s ESotW was “Schism” by Tool. Oh, hang on, that wasn’t last week. That was way back in November 2011! Silly me. Doesn’t time fly.

“Annoying bird”: Part 2 of 30 billion

Yesternight that sodding bird climbed up a few rungs on my “HATE LADDER“. I woke up at about 4:30am for some reason or another last night, and for some reason found it impossible to fall back asleep. I didn’t feel particularly tired, but I knew that that bastard bird was out there (whatever he’s supposed …

Surprise, surprise, surprise!

As the title may (loosely) imply, today was full of unexpected surprises. Three of them, to be accurate – all of which are listed below, in chronological order (which also happens to be the order when you list them in order of undesirability). Surprise #1: Was woken up an hour earlier than usual. This might …