Finally have a new mouse

It’s a lovely little wireless Logitech Anywhere MX and quite frankly craps on my old one from a substantial height.

Awwwww. It's almost cute.

Advantages to using this one over the old one:

  • It’s not plugged full of my dead skin (yet).
  • No wire to trail and snag on absolutely everything.
  • The mousewheel doesn’t scroll up or down of its own accord.
  • The middle button doesn’t click twice or even three times.
  • Click-and-drag operations are no longer a nightmare.
  • Apparently it can be used on any work surface. It even works smoothly on my left arm.
  • It’s smaller, so when I have to place it on my laptop, it doesn’t obscure the entire right-hand side of the keyboard.
  • It’s about the same size as my old laser mouse that came with this laptop. I loved that little thing – shame it died so suddenly.
  • The side buttons are less prone to being accidentally clicked by me.
  • It’s more sensitive. Fiercely so. I had to turn the overall sensitivity down.
  • It’s not a Mac mouse.

The only complaint I have at the moment is that the mousewheel being clicked doesn’t register as the middle button. There’s a separate, smaller button just below the wheel which I have to use instead. This I can get used to, I guess – though I do wonder if there’s a setting I can change. Clicking the mousewheel currently doesn’t do anything, so it must be configurable.

(EDIT: I’ve since discovered that clicking the mousewheel actually toggles its scrolling behavior – in the default mode, the wheel scrolls up/down in “steps”, making the scrolling seem nice and “rigid” – in the other mode, the wheel rotates completely freely, and it feels a bit slippery to use. I’ve also investigated into configuring the whole “middle button” thing, but it I’ve drawn a blank – looks like I’ll just have to get used to clicking that little button to open new tabs in Firefox, instead of clicking the wheel itself.)

Anyway, a happy bunny I am.

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